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There are many types and specifications of such vacuum obtaining equipments produced by the company. The main types listed as following for your reference:

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

This pump is an essential equipment to obtain vacuum by evacuating air in a sealing vessel, which can be either operated individually or as a pre-stage pump incorporated with a booster pump with appointed lubricating oil and sealing components. It is extensively used for vacuum coating, evacuating of thermos flasks, lamp bulbs and electronic tubes, etc, in medicine, chemistry, science & technology fields.

This equipment is a double stages pump for evacuating air from a hermetical chamber to obtain vacuum condition. It is a new generation of vacuum pump improved on the basis of rotary vane pump against adverse condition such as dusty condition. With unique oil path and drainage structure, it can be used in a more extensive range to evacuate air containing some dust. Its drainage structure makes it possible to conveniently operate only by opening the drainage sealing board, no need to remove the pump from vacuum system.
It can be used for vacuum obtaining, drying, melting, degassing & molding in electronics, food, chemistry and architecture industries, etc, can serve individually or as a fore pump of? pressure-increasing pump, oil-diffused pump and molecular pump.
1) Low vibration, low noise by optimizing design and matching weigh
2) Supply oil singly to baring seal house, because the baring seal house and the pump house is be fenced out, it is avoided that the impurity come into the baring seal house, that beget the baring and seal to be shattered prematurely.
3) According as the consumer requisition, the subsidiary oil box can be equipped, it can make the oil cooling and the impurity separating.
4) The motor is on top of the pump besides the old model H-150. Compact structure, fewer dimension control clearance.

Its main technical data attached herein for your reference.

Model H-150 Sliding Valve Vacuum Pump

Operation & Application:
H-150 Sliding Valve Vacuum Pump is a volumetric mechanic vacuum pump which is used to evacuate air in hermetical chamber. It is lubricated and sealed by pump oil and can displace gases that have not chemical reaction with oil. Coupled with ballast equipment or subsidiary device, it can also draw condensable, dusty and metal-corrosive gases.

Please see its performance & technical data attached herein for your reference.
Evacuating Speed: 152L/s
Ultimate Pressure: 1Pa (Sub-pressure), 6.5Pa (Overall pressure)
Velocity: 450 r.p.m. for pump, 970 r.p.m for motor
Designed Motor: 1.5kw power, model Y180L-6
Max. Inlet Pressure: 1.3/10000Pa
Cooling Water Consumption: 700L/H
Oil Pump: Mechanic Vacuum Pump with oil consumption 30kg

Weight: 950kg

Roots Vacuum Pump

It is a mechanical pump with high evacuating speed also referred to as mechanical booster pump. Fast start with speedy evacuation in the vacuum condition of 1000~1Pa, it can achieve its ultimate pressure within a shortest possible time. But it can not operate individually. It must be in combination with its fore stage pump that makes it possible to start work by making the pressure permissible at its inlet.
It is widely used in vacuum coating, metallurgical industry for degassing, vacuum treatment for molten steel and vacuum simulation for space chamber or space capsule, etc, in chemistry, food, medicine, motor making industries as well as distilling, evaporating and dry process.

1. The lack of reciprocating parts allows a perfect dynamic balanc ing, because the rotors is processed by numerical control machine tool and balanced carefully. It has perfect geometry symmetry. There is certain clearance between the two rotors. The pump house and end-cover is processed by especial machine tool. It has high precision. So the pump own feature of stable operation, low noise, low vibration and high ultimate pressure.
2. The robust drive of ump and operating parts balanced carefully permit that the pump be stably operated continuously under the condition of high different pressure?
3. They can be started quickly, and in short time ultimate pressure is reached
4. Lubrication is unnecessary as there is no contact between rotors, rotor and house, that avoid oil vapor from polluting vacuum system.
5. Good reliability characteristic. Their inherent overflow valve play auto-protective role.
6. Compact structure, low footprint design. There are three gas outlet ports that are in left, right and under pump house. It is convenient for consumer installing.

Oil-Diffusion Pump
The oil-diffused pump is another series pump equipments manufactured our company. Its main work principle described herein as below:
Pumping oil heated in the pump oil pot to the ebullition state ( about 230 degree centigrade) is caused with evaporation and produced a large amount of evaporated oil liquor speedily and directionally erupted out through nozzles.
As the branch intensity of pressure of the evacuated air nearby the inlet is higher than that of the evaporated oil liquor, so the molecules of the evacuated air are continuously diffused into the evaporated oil liquor with impact on each other caused the molecules of the evacuated air moving rapidly along the direction of movement of the evaporated oil current.? The molecules of the evacuated air are bounced back by cylinder wall and re-impact once again on the evaporated oil current. After several impacts, the molecules of the evacuated air are compressed into the lower vacuum end and emptied out by the fore pump after several compression; whereas the evaporated oil current cooled by cylinder wall, flows back to the heater for re-heating. The recurrence takes place again and again.
Its main technical data attached herein for your reference.

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