Group International Industrial Limited (GIIL) based on Chinese mainland, manufactures every kind of vacuum machines from each realiable companies in mainland China and use GIIL’s advanced manufacturing, production technologies and experiences to give GIIL OEM.
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 ITO Glass Coating Production line 
Web Coater (rolling coater) Other coater(including lab coater)


Using vacuum magnetron sputtering technology, dual cathode, MF sputtering technology,international advanced control system to coat SiO2/ITO on the float glass.All the process are automatically contron in series.

Important Parts:
    Vacuum chamber
stainless steel ,verticalcooling water outside the wall,one stainless steel buffle inside the chamber.
    Vacuum system
diffusion pum or turbo pump
    Evaporation source
Dcsputtering target,MF sputtering target on two side of chamber
   workpiece heating
using stainless steel pipe type heater together with Vapor Chamber, so that the heating of the glass can be even.
    Gas Feeding system
MFCAuto pressure control device.
    Electric control system
touch Screen and PlC auto control display and operate system technical data by human-machine communicateiong.

    Water cooling systemVacuum chamber cooling system and cathode cooling, with water presure protection on-off switch and water flow on-off switch

  Technical Datra

Ultimate vacuum pressure:7×1 0^-4 Pa
Average period
1 0 0secondshaft
substrate size: 7 5 0 × 1 2 0 0 (mm)
General Power
3 5 0 kw
DC magnetron target power: 20kw
MF magnetron target power: 20kw

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