Group International Industrial Limited (GIIL) based on Chinese mainland, manufactures every kind of vacuum machines from each realiable companies in mainland China and use GIIL’s advanced manufacturing, production technologies and experiences to give GIIL OEM.
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 Other coater(including lab coater) 
ITO Glass Coating Production line Sputterrig web coater


Production introduction: Use for coating transmission increasing film, rainbow film, reflective film and other optical film or metal film. Specially, It is very good in coating 360-degree circumference surface (such as automotive lamp beads, infrared heating pipe ) coating or glass lenses or PMMA / PC lens coating. Is the box-type optical vacuum coating system of complementary products.
AD series automatically optical vacuum coating system
Product Description: Use for coating transmission increasing film, Spectroscopic Film, high reflective film, band pass / cut-off filter and other several layer optical film.
Automatic precise optical coating machine - AD Series Automatic Optical vacuum coating machine Technical Features:

◆Windows-based operating platform OA2000 control system (using the IPC + PLC + network technology to realizethe Auto parameter settings, monitoring and fault diagnosis of the main components )
◆OFTM2000 automatic thickness monitoring system (integrated automatic design, technical reading, parameter setting, real-time monitoring and other functions, automatic control all the process)
◆using Inficon or Maxtek quartz crystal thickness monitoring system ( to achieve a constant rate of evaporation during coating process)
◆use of high-volume e-type electron gun, this machine can stability coat up to 10 or even more than 100 layers of film (with aptitude programming e-beam scanning unit, crucible precise positioning units and moving gun units, and other module)
◆use of advanced high-power wide-beam ion source (improve coating quality)

◆using Leybold / Edwards vacuum unit + Ion-tek cryo trapping system (to ensure high efficiency and high stability of the vacuum characteristics) 
GS series batch type optical coater.
GS Series Optical vacuum coater can choose advanced e-bean evaporation system,ion-assistant deposition system,precise thickness control system,high precise high temperature heating system and polycold system.Good performance,can coat single-layer or multilayer antireflection coatings, filter film, laser film, beam splitter, luminescent film, various optical films. Model: GS-1350,GS-1200,GS-1100,GS-800,GS-520
Application: Optical film
Batch type magnetron sputtering coater
Production Introduction:hardness film,decoration film, metal film, superconducting materials, solar cells ,tools and coated wearable and corrosion-resistant film on the mould,ect.strong functions,adopt DC sputtering,MF sputering or AR sputtering,electric arc,mast arc and big planar arc technology.So this machine can be more wildly used.
Clock type vacuum coater
Product introduction:Coating metal film, decoration film, metal film(Au), superconducting materials, solar cells ,tools and coated wearable and corrosion-resistant film on the glass like Glass ,cell phone,watch,quartz crystal,optical lens, other plastic of acoustics,optical or electric component.There are up-down type and box type.Box type or clock type .customer can choose as their need.

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