Group International Industrial Limited (GIIL) based on Chinese mainland, manufactures every kind of vacuum machines from each realiable companies in mainland China and use GIIL’s advanced manufacturing, production technologies and experiences to give GIIL OEM.
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PMMA coating production line

 EMI coating line 
Sputterrig web coater Low-E glass production line

Application:coated electromagnetic screen film on plastic shell of notebookcellphone,Telephone,DVD ,the other digital electric product

Using plasma surface treatment technology and magnetron sputtering technology to achive EMI coating.

  Characteristics and basic data:

horizontal, vertical structure, one-side coating can do at the same time.

production efficiency, max speed 1m/beat

Modular design, easy maintenance

mature coating technology, high yield

DC targets are optionable by customer

vacuum system: mechanical pumps, Roots pumps, diffusion pumps

Max dimension2200mm*1200mm(l*w)

Min dimension;500mm*400mm(l*w)

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